Carytown Place Conceptual Drawing

The development team of Carytown Place is pleased with the City Council's 9 to 0 vote in favor of the special use permit and wants to thank the many supporters who helped in our effort.

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Carytown Place is a proposed redevelopment of the Verizon operations center building at 10 N. Nansemond located in the Museum District-Carytown area of the City. The project requires a special use permit from the City to allow additional compatible commercial and retail uses to the current residential and commercial uses allowed by the underlying zoning. We believe Carytown Place significantly enhances the site and benefits the local community. We continue to seek input from the City, residents and business owners as we move through the process.

Carytown Place Rendering


  • Not another 'Big Box'
  • Carytown Place is an attractive reuse of an existing building, not a new "big box".
  • The existing building is over 135,000 square feet and will be reduced to approximately 45,000 square feet, a reduction of approximately two-thirds.

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  • Attempts to limit local competition
  • Carytown Place will complement existing Carytown commerce.
  • Local businesses are being employed to re-develop the project.
  • This project will encourage Richmonders to shop locally.
  • The project will generate jobs and economic activity.
  • Attractive Reuse of an Existing Building
  • The building already exists, so improving the appearance, parking, landscaping, and circulation of the building will clearly be an enhancement to the community.
  • Through dialogue with local residents, Carytown merchants, and City officials, the development team has made a number of key changes to the plan in response to specific concerns and suggestions raised, including the elimination of a proposed vehicle exit on N. Nansemond St.
  • All service functions such as trash and loading will be integrated in the building and serviced from the parking lot.
  • Carytown Place will be energy efficient, as the developer intends to pursue a LEED® Certified designation for the project.
  • Parking and Traffic Concerns
  • Addressing Parking concerns is a top priority. Carytown Place will provide ample on-site parking, convenient to all patrons.
  • A recently completed traffic study shows that very little will change in terms of vehicle traffic and traffic patterns overall.
  • The site is open to existing traffic patterns and accessible to the Downtown Expressway.
  • The project is a good fit for the community
  • The elevations and use limitations are respectful of the residential homes in the area and will add pedestrian friendly areas with bike racks and benches.
  • The existing zoning also allows for the addition of two more floors, which would increase the footage to more than 200,000 square feet. The proposed square footage of Carytown Place will be less than one-fourth of this, and no single use can be more than 25,000 square feet.
  • Current zoning also permits a number of commercial purposes including 24 hour facilities such as a call center, hospital, and bank drive-thrus (among others). Carytown Place is a much more compatible and transitional alternative.


  • Sign at proposed location
  • Sign at proposed location
  • Sign at proposed location



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